ON THE ROAD: “Easy Steps for Touring with Your Bro” by JEFF: The Brotherhood


Jake and Jamin Orrall are bros. They once played in Be Your Own Pet, who used to release music on Nashville’s Infinity Cat Recordings–run by the brothers and their poppa. But this was back before BYOP became Thurston Moore–approved brat-rock royalty, and before Jake and Jain ditched Jemina to form JEFF the Brotherhood. As a duo, JEFF slings weighty, obliterating din (Ted Leo and Ty Segall are fans), perfect for basement shows and keg beer leftover from the night before.

As an editorial staff of only-children, self-titled has no frame of reference for what it means to get along with a sibling–let alone tour with one. So we asked the brothers JEFF (whose new album, Heavy Days, is out Oct. 13) to compile a list of tips for avoiding the urge to cock-punch your brother after hours and hours in a musty, gear-packed van. Frankly, Jake and Jamin seem to have it all figured out. Check out their on-the-road rules (as well as a few choice music videos) after the jump.

1. Business and Beefsticks

Don’t ever talk business before lunch, ever. When people get hungry, they get grumpy. It gets twice as bad when you are bros. Always keep snacks ready in the van. We prefer slim jims, not the flattened ones though. Nacho and chili are the best flavors, but they are harder to find. Try them all.

2. Partying

Party every night, even when you have to drive 14 hours the next day. Partying relieves tension and stress; it also gives you funny stuff to talk about in the van. Don’t get too crazy, though. Partying can be as simple as riding a skateboard really fast down a hill at 2 in the morning, or jumping on a strangers trampoline with some random kids you met at the show. Beer is good too; it makes you drunk.

3. Audiobooks and Podcasts

Listening to music in the van is fun, but it can lead to arguments. Plus, if you listen to it long enough, all music can start to sound shitty. That is where audio books come in. Audio books and radio documentaries are entertaining, informative and make time go by much faster. When you are listening to one of these, you don’t have to talk to each other, and most of them you can download for free. Right now we are listening to the autobiography of John Joseph (from the Cro-Mags). NPR has good stuff too.

4. Socks and Skateboards

Skateboards are crucial for getting along with your brother. They allow you to get away and be free. When you are really pissed, you can just get out of the car and skate. When you get to a town, you can use your board to split up and each check out different stuff, or skate together for a total bro-sesh. Dirty socks make everything smell bad, no matter what. Go buy a huge cheap bag of socks at the beginning of tour and share them. Wear a pair for three days max, and then throw them out. This makes everything easier.

“Bone Jam”

“Noo Sixties”