ON THE ROAD: Starfucker’s Cell Phone-Driven Tour Diary

Madcap Portland-based popsters Starfucker (or STRFKR for those of you with sensitive ears) have and will be touring for what seems like an eternity. So on its trek across our great nation promoting its latest release Reptilians (out now on Polyvinyl), drummer/vocalist Keil Corcoran has been known to take truly bizarre cell-phone picture tour diaries. It’s not high-tech,  but its highly entertaining.

This is Keil from Starfucker. We have just left Portland and are embarking on our longest tour to date. I have recently acquired a new camera phone and needless to say I am STOKED. One of the few things that keeps me sane whilst underway is taking photographs of weird shit across the U.S. I will start this photo blog with a few examples of why America is #1 A+ AWESOME.

In America, you are free to grow as large as you want. You can style your hair in new and exciting ways never before attempted by citizens of lesser nations. Taken in Northern California.

I am so mad I didn’t capture the entire bumper sticker which read (I shit you not) “Socialism is for Fags.” This was taken like 20 miles from Portland while driving to Seattle.

These mannequin heads are seriously high as fuck. Tucson, AZ

This happened in Washington, DC on our last tour. Two gross MFs grinding and making out on the bar.  Note Shawn (Glassford) and Jacob Portrait (of Unknown Mortal Orchestra) in the background admiring the spectacle.

Some day you may find yourself staring at a Linux command prompt on a slot machine. This means that you lose. Las Vegas, NV

COM N GET IT, LADIEZ. Starfucker’s Ryan Biornstad in Los Angeles.

There’s nothing Ryan loves more after a long day of wielding giant penis signs than iDosing. That reminds me of the trailer for the film Strange Days where the voice-over asks “Have you ever jacked in? Have you ever wire tripped?” For the members of Starfugger, the answer is a resounding yes. Welcome 2 the future.

I really like that someone named their local business Funky Junque. Montana

We’ve been in the van for like 420 hours now and I’m going nuts. I have a random assortment of tour images which need no explanation other than that they are FUCKING AWESOME…

Luv you-

Keil + the Starfucker boyz