PEEP SHOW: Poni Hoax, “Pretty Tall Girls” (Live)

[youtube 17O1EB6Y9Mg]

We fell pretty damn hard for Poni Hoax earlier this year thanks to the seamless dance-rock symmetry of their second LP, Images of Sigrid (Tigersushi). Now before you scoff at the very idea of yet another band schooled in the art of Joy Division, Giorgio Moroder and the Talking Heads, know this: Poni Hoax’s music is more like a modern day update of classic French cold-wave music (see the excellent So Young But So Cold, BIPP compilations) than a Parisian spin on Bloc Party or Franz Ferdinand. They’re also diametrically-opposed to the Ed Banger-backed stereotype of French dance tracks being nothing but distorted, speaker-singeing synths and crowd-pleasing bits of electro, hip-hop and filtered disco. Basically, Images of Sigrid is an album you play while driving through rain-pelted streets at midnight, not your everyday collection of club bangers.

To find out more, check out the second issue of self-titled, which comes out next month and features a Poni Hoax profile. The above clip is from a popular French/German TV show and looks like it was actually lifted from 1984.