PEEP SHOW: Time to Do the Dew With Neon Indian, and Get Excited About Ironing With Miniature Tigers

Photos by Andrew Parks

Another day, another market-saturating music video from Mountain Dew. Available for your streaming pleasure this time around: Neon Indian‘s “Sleep Paralysist” single. Not exactly a low-budget affair, it features a rousing game of Backgammon and enough mood-lit dream sequences to give us nightmares.

In related news, Miniature Tigers just made the act of ironing clothes extra creepy with their new “Gold Skull” clip. Surprise–the synth-guided song is also produced by Neon Indian! You can find it on the band’s Fortress LP, which hits shops on July 27 through Modern Art Records. As for the story behind the song–a last-minute mixing stage addition–Tigers frontman Charlie Brand had this to say: “At one point we decided to get some beers and it just turned into this crazy long night…I won’t forget that experience anytime soon. I remember the sun coming up and everyone in the room just singing the song. [Drummer] Rick [Schaier] was almost asleep on the floor as he did his harmonies.”

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