Nobody Premieres a Track From His New ‘Auto-Tune Album’

We’ve long considered Nobody one of L.A.’s most sorely-overlooked producers, a guy who’s capable of covering the Flaming Lips (“What Is the Light?”), collaborating with that one dude from Beachwood Sparks (Mystic Chords of Memory), and nailing the whole psychedelic pop thing (Blank Blue). His latest solo album (One For All Without Hesitation, due out 6/22 on Delicious Vinyl/Alpha Pup) is strange even for him, though. A Kanye-like celebration of Auto-Tune effects and feeling-a-bit-emo, it features 10 robot love records–13 if you snag the digital version. One of which is “Sleep For Daze,” a hefty single that was premiered on the L.A. Times‘ “Pop & Hiss” blog this morning. Take a listen, and a look at the album’s tracklisting, after the jump.

One For All Without Hesitation:
1. One For All Without Hesitation
2. 90 Degrees
3. Innocent, In a Sense
4. Face To the Sun
5. Sleep For Daze
6. Psycho Alpha Theta
7. Hip$ter$
8. Hey Love (On Your Own)
9. Fallen
10. Comin’ Down
11. She Sells *
12. Harmony *
13. The Kiss Off (On Time) *

* = bonus tracks

Sounds like someone just went through a bitter breakup…and hates hipsters. [Pop & Hiss]