VIDEO: Watch Creepy Super 8 Covers By Members of Chairlift, Class Actress, Au Revoir Simone, Apache Beat and More

So let’s say the twins in The Shining somehow multiplied and filmed a series of sparse Super 8 clips–clips that cover everything from Nirvana to Chris Isaak. An undead Nouvelle Vague, if you will. Sounds rad, right? Welcome to Girl Crisis, an ever-evolving collective that can–depending on the day–feature members of Apache Beat, Au Revoir Simone and, well, just about any other Brooklyn band with a killer female singer in it. The only constants are the ace cinematography of Bek Anderson, the seamless editing of Chairlift singer Caroline Polachek, and the setting–Elizabeth Harper‘s house.

Check out two more haunted home videos after the jump, along with an MP3 rip of “Come As You Are.” As for what the girls have planned next, how does Mariah Carey sound?