PEEP SHOW: ‘Wu-Tang Is For the Children!’ and 40 Other Grammy Moments That Were Wayyy More Interesting Than Sunday Night’s Telecast

We love you, Soy Bomb. And George Burns. And Miles Davis. And Yoko Ono. And, well, everyone in the following post, which proves how random the Grammys have been for the past 52 years, from Kiss presenting an award with 2Pac to Eddie Vedder reminding us that his dad’s dead and it’s all bullshit anyway.

Also appearing at some point in the proceedings: David Bowie, Debbie Harry, Amy Winehouse, Slipknot, MC Hammer, the White Stripes, John Wayne, Michael Jackson, John Lennon, U2 acting like absolute jack asses, Rodney Dangerfield, and Queensryche. Yes, Queensryche, because nothing makes us feel like some silent lucidity action quite like a night at the Grammys.

Be sure to comment if we missed anything from five decades of ‘music’s biggest night’!