EVERY MAN’S AN ISLAND: Lightspeed Champion’s Guide to the Final Season of ‘Lost’, Including Lots of Video Evidence

[Photo by Jen Maler]

By Dev Hynes

Time to get real.

Before I even begin this article, let me start by saying this: If you have never watched the ABC masterpiece LOST, do not read this page. If you watched Season Two and then “gave up because of the stupid Polar Bears,” do not read this page. If for some insane reason you’re planning on watching LOST because your roommate won’t shut up about it, and you’re kind of interested, so you’re going to watch Season Six as it airs and for some reason you felt like reading articles online to catch up…don’t!

One of the things that impressed me with Season Five of LOST is its total disregard to bring in new viewers, mainly because the show is set to end in Season Six. With this in mind, they’re free to do things that may seem completely insane to outside viewers (Time travel anyone?) and like genius strokes of writing to us devoted minions (Time travel anyone?). Luckily because of all of this, we will never see a Twin Peaks ‘Season Two scenario’. You know what I’m talking about…

Now, into the thick of it. Season Six. Three Hour Premiere 8/7c on ABC. Tuesday. I could look at those words forever. Luckily, I don’t have to.

It would be pretty amazing if the final episode ended with the opening scene from the Pilot–with Jack lying on his back in the grass…

(Segue into theory number one.)

Remember the baton that Ben had in his hand when he left the island at the end of Season Four? The one he used to brutally assault the two men in the Sahara Desert?

Well, does this look familiar?

I want you now watch this clip in its entirety.

I now want you to watch this clip again whilst I walk you through it…

Is this how you would react if you’d woken up in a jungle after being in a plane crash? The look of relief in Jack’s face when he sees Vincent? Would you really check your pocket for the bottle of alcohol? (Maybe, but seriously?) Then the calculated running, turning in the forest without hearing any sounds. He’s running to somewhere he knows how to get to.

Maybe the reason Jack becomes the leader of the group and is so adamant that things will be okay, is because he knows things will be okay. Maybe he’s lived all of this before?

The other side of this is the “Jack is Jacob” theory. With little things such as (I can’t find the clip online) Jack disappearing when the smoke monster arrives in the pilot, and Jack suddenly appears again after the mayhem has settled down. It may not be a coincidence that Season Five ended with two simultaneous tales–the Man in Black disguised as Locke, Jacob disguised as Jack.

The conflict between Jack and Locke has been a strong one, and from what we can see, so has the conflict between Jacob and the Man in Black, whatever that may be.

Take a look at this scene from Season Five’s “The Incident“…

Now view this scene from Season One.

Seem familiar?

All I know is this: Don’t even attempt to talk to me about anything else for the next few months…Then after the show ends, don’t talk to me, either. Because life will be over.

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