PIAPTK Records Presses New Ariel Pink/R. Stevie Moore Single On Mirror Shards, Psychedelic Drum Heads and Recycled Paper

Well then; good thing we checked our E-mail just now. Had we not, we may have missed out on “SteviePink Javascript,” a truly bizarre lathe-cut 7” from Ariel Pink and his old buddy R. Stevie Moore. Here’s the deal, via PIAPTK Records, which may still have a few of its 88 copies available:

An amazing 6 minute space droner collaboration from Ariel Pink & R. Stevie Moore. Only 88 copies were made, and they lathe cut onto 7” MIRRORS. Comes in silkscreened holographic drum covering, in several different colors. Almost every aspect of this record was made from recycled or upcycled materials. The mirrored acrylic was collected over several years from the by-the-pound remnant bin of a Tacoma plastic supplier. It came from the end pieces and overcut scraps of various projects and was otherwise destined for the dump. The holographic covers were hand-cut with a T-square and boxcutter (hence the jaggedness of some) from the end remnants of rolls of psychedelic drum-covering. Even the paper for the insert was picked up at a garage sale.

Have a listen to the pair’s very strange trip below, and check out other ‘unique’ vinyl releases from Casiotone For the Painfully Alone, Wooden Wand and more at PIAPTK’s online store