Pixies Release New EP, “Indie Cindy” Video

“If there was going to be a name for this collection of music, I guess it would be ‘Indie Cindy.’ It feels like the cornerstone for this body of work. I feel very confident about the lyrics and the music. It’s funny; the verses of that song were recorded by [guitarist] Joey [Santiago] in his hotel room in Massachusetts. He was visiting me and helping me put together some demos and we were doing some recording in his hotel room late in the evening. That particular vocal, the spoken-word part, we just liked so much; and it’s easy these days in the digital world to hold on to artifacts from the process as you’re going along that we incorporated it into the final piece. It’s a plea: not a romantic plea, but a plea. It’s all in the title; I think that says it all.” —Black Francis

The 10” vinyl version of Pixies’ ‘EP1’ is now available direct from the band here. Check out its cover art and tracklisting below…

Pixies - 'EP1'

Pixies, EP1:
1. Andro Queen
2. Another Toe In The Ocean
3. Indie Cindy
4. What Goes Boom