PLAYED OUT: James Pants

Some words of advice for the beaten/broken-down interns out there–grin and bear it, bitches. James Pants certainly did, as he went from stuffing envelopes to turning heads as a prized signing of Stones Throw. And who can blame Peanut Butter Wolf for passing on the promotion? After all, J.P.’s really onto something with Welcome, his trend-skirting, party-sparking debut. Basically, take everything totally ’80s that doesn’t suck in retrospect (post-punk, soul, block party rap, electro of the Cybotron/Kraftwerk mold) and watch in amazement as one guy hammers out a heaping mix of it all on keys, drums, a guitar and the mic.

Pants isn’t just a multi-instrumental producer/player, either. As mixes like this prove, he’s got a deft DJing hand as well. That’s why we asked Pants to share his crate mainstays at the moment in self-titled‘s first edition of ‘PLAYED OUT.’

1. Prince, For You
I think this was his debut LP, and he was only like 18 or 19 at the time, but the songwriting is already top quality. I’ve been playing the “For You/In Love” track lately. Girls seem to like it.

2. Synergy, Audion

This is some medieval sounding new-electronic record that always costs like one dollar. It’s strangely addicting, though. If I have enough to drink, I usually try to play it out.

3. Ariel Pink, The Doldrums
I was really late getting into this. Whenever I say, “Man, have you heard Ariel Pink?”, people always say, “Yeah, I was into him a few years ago.” I always feel like a dork. I really, really like his sound though. Very original.

4. DJ Jubilee, “Do Yo Thing Girl”
This dude is amazing. He raps about zodiac signs and “what high school did you go to?” Very nice New Orleans bounce music.

5. Ronettes, “How Does It Feel”
My favorite Ronette’s song ever. Odd production, overmixed clap sounds, beautiful singing. Phil Spector at his finest. I played this out the other night and didn’t lose the dancefloor. Success!

LISTEN: “Ka$h”