Efdemin Turns a Cooking Segment Into a Creepy Techno Cut For New Out-ER Comp

As Out-ER gets ready to celebrate its fifth anniversary with a special compilation next Monday, the Italian electronic music imprint has been kind enough to share one of its strangest exclusives: Efedmin flipping a cooking segment into a creepy, Herbert-esque cut & paste exercise.

“It’s a big pleasure for us to release an original track from Efdemin,” says label co-founder and fellow producer Simone Gatto. “I had the chance to met him in person last April in Puglia; we shared the booth during our showcase. There was a great feeling between us and I respect him a lot as a person and artist.”

Check out “Don’t Bang Your Fingers” below, along with a few other previously released tracks. We also got Efdemin to reveal the stories behind his last record (the Dial-endorsed Decay) here.