PREMIERE: Girls Names, “The New Life (David Holmes Remix)”

Presenting the final piece from The Next Life, a limited 12”—and expanded digital EP—that expands upon the electronic and Kraut-y inclinations Girls Names first explored on the album they released earlier this year, The New Life. In the case of today’s premiere, we find the Belfast quartet setting their rain-slicked melodies against the sampledelic film score approach of fellow countryman and longtime DJ/producer/Steven Soderbergh sideman David Holmes.

Lose yourself in its web of wooziness below, right alongside a couple very different remixes from members of Factory Floor and Optimo and a jittery Brian Eno cover that loosely connects the dots between all of this…

Girls Names - 'The Next Life'

Girls Names, The Next Life (Slumberland):
1. Visions *
2. Third Uncle
3. The New Life (David Holmes Remix)
4. Projektions (Gabe Gurnsey Factory Floor Remix)
5. New Life (JD Twitch Optimo Remix) *
6. Drawing Lines (Mark Van Hoen Remix) *
7. Occultation (Soft Walls Remix) *

* = digital only