PREMIERE: Heatsick’s PAN_ACT Set

Now that the summer’s pretty much over, we thought we’d revisit one of the events that kicked everything off way back in June: PAN’s wildly ambitious PAN_ACT Festival, produced in conjunction with Issue Project Room at venues across New York and Boston. The following exclusive is a soundboard-quality recording of Heatsick locking into a live outsider dance groove and not letting go for 40 minutes.

Stream/download the Berlin producer’s set below, and look out for his next PAN LP (Re-engineering) at the tail end of November. Oh, and if you dig what you hear and live in the Brooklyn area, be sure to roll through 285 Kent tonight, where self-titled is co-presenting a killer bill with Heatsick, Maxmillion Dunbar (Beautiful Swimmers, Future Times) and Aurora Halal (Mutual Dreaming).

Heatsick at 285 Kent