PREMIERE: Kid606, “Cute Never Dies”

The mood swings of Kid606’s many albums continue on Happiness, a record that’s as reflective as last year’s Lost in the Game LP but far more hopeful. That’s because the longtime producer/label owner recently left the party-on environs of Berlin for a secluded bungalow in Joshua Tree, trading endless nights behind closed doors (often lasting well into the morning) for long afternoons in the desert.

Which is why Miguel de Pedro looks damn happy in the photo above, and why his latest effort opens with chromatic major chords, choppy trap rhythms and the lingering sense that dude’s journey has just begun. Not bad considering he’s already 15 years into a career that started with the tortured loops of Don’t Sweat the Technics and has taken wild left turns ever since, from the chilly clicks & cuts of PS I Love You to the mad-for-it mashup music of The Action Packed Mentallist Brings You The Fucking Jams, which is essentially a Girl Talk record on trucker speed.

Presenting “Cute Never Dies” then…