Nic Pool Shares Exclusive JD Samson Remix of “The Falls”

Nic Pool | JD Samson

In hopes of hitting the ground running with our heads held high, we’re kicking the week off with an exclusive JD Samson remix. Aimed squarely at left-field dancefloors and late-night living rooms, it finds the MEN/Le Tigre member in full control of “The Falls.” That’d be the lead single of LA singer Nic Pool, who’s set to drop his debut EP sometime early next year.

“I’ve admired JD’s work for years,” explains Pool, “and it was an absolute thrill to get to collaborate with her on this remix. She slowed down my vocal and injected a sucker punch of a beat to really flip the grief-stricken original on its head. It’s a manic, late-night joyride at 120 BPM that peaks in a beautifully twisted electronic wail on the drop: ‘I woulda loved you.'”