Former Skull Defekts Members Embrace Harsh Electronics With Saturn and the Sun

Saturn and the Sun

While they may have shuttered The Skull Defekts earlier this year, Joachim Nordwall and Henrik Rylander have doubled down on their dynamic noise duo Saturn and the Sun. The side project started releasing a string of limited tape and vinyl releases in 2015, including last spring’s long sold-out A Complete History of Mind Stimulations.

And now, waiting in the wings at the tail end of this week, is the aptly titled In Love With the Extreme. Inspired by ’60s minimalism, proto-techno, and tribal music, it can be sampled below, starting with the toxic ooze tones of “Saturn War Chant”….

Saturn and the Sun | In Love With the Extreme

Saturn and the Sun
In Love With the Extreme
(iDEAL, September 21st)

1. In Love With The Extreme
2. Saturn War Chant
3. Cross The Line
4. Pleasure Is Relief