Sports Coach Shares the Lead Single From His Dream Sports EP

Sports Coach

When Noisey tried to make sense of Thatcher May’s Sports Coach project a year ago, the experimental pop tricker put it better than any of us writer types ever could.

“Sports Coach is the thing,” he said. “It’s the jam, the cornerstone, the expression…. This is that dude—the dude at the surf shop. He’s there every time you go to that surf shop, the only employee behind the counter. Gives you a heavy head nod when you come in. Gonna be at that surf shop 365 24/7 forever. My soul is the surf shop, and Sports Coach is the one behind the counter.”

Ah, but what does it actually sound like? Madness, really. Sample the lead single from next month’s Dream Sports EP below to hear what we mean; take it away, SC….

I wrote “tide rider” last fall when I first moved to LA from Boston. I’ve always wanted to learn how to surf, but we don’t have many waves on the East Coast! I wrote “tide rider” as a call to all SHREDDERS to hit me UP and teach me the ways of the West Coast wave.

The lyrics go “If you can teach me to surf then call me up; let’s ride some waves.” And that offer still stands—if you can teach me to surf, contact me and we can RIDE THE TIDE.

Sports Coach | Dream Sports EP

Sports Coach
Dream Sports EP
(Manimal, August 3rd)

1. speed dial
2. tide rider
3. k-town blues
4. paid
5. fourever
6. talk about…