Stream the Latest Single in The Tablets’ Flexi-Disc Series For Mon Amie Records

The Tablets


As The Tablets continue to ready their second album for a 2018 release, the Brooklyn duo is also busy dropping a limited series of flex-discs on Mon Amie Records. The latest of which is streaming a few days early on this very page.

Here’s what Liz Godoy and Brenden Beu had to say about both sides of their synth-and-guitar-laced single, and if you’re one of the few people who still doesn’t own a turntable, there’s always this Friday’s iTunes edition and the back catalogue of Bandcamp embeds below….

“New Lines” is an upbeat approach to try to encourage (read: pressure) people to part ways with the archaic beliefs and overused excuses they’ve long used as the acceptable basis for harming, or abusing others. It’s trying to say: we should all be equals and should get along, but you still need to get your shit together and start understanding differently.

“Narcissus.Lament.Echo” is sort of a defeatist anthem. You’re stuck in the same pattern all day, every day. You wish you could evolve, transcend, but you act otherwise. There’s a masochistic pleasure derived from doing what you do, and you love complaining about it. Every now and then there’s a bit of of hope, a tiny push of enlightenment. You realize some alternatives can be so much more terrifying, you will really try now, and you do, even if for a brief moment before going back to more of the usual.