Pretty Lights Blasts Danny Brown For ‘Weak’ St. Louis Set, Fuels Twitter Feud

So it sounds like Danny Brown and Pretty Lights are the latest artists to wage a public pissing match over Twitter. From the looks of things, it appears that the latter’s close-minded contingent were not feeling Brown’s St. Louis set last night, and the feeling was mutual, with the MC writing, “That show was so trash…Pretty much everyone was rude…Security, promoters everybody…Was not a good look…I [dunno] what kinda fanbase Pretty Lights got but it damn sure ain’t mine!”

To which Pretty Lights responded, “I’m trying to support good hip-hop shows. I hoped Danny Brown would rock the spot but no dice. Shit was weak. My bad for letting it go down.”

The pair was supposed to share another bill tonight, but the odds of that happening are next to nil considering Brown said “after homeboy’s comments…I fasho wont be playing Nashville” and echoed our assumptions by adding, “To be honest I thought Pretty Lights was the name of a festival…My bad for saying yes to y’all slow ticket selling ass. They only booked me to try to bail ’em out…But sorry you guys cannot be helped.”

Oh well; at least our fellow Old fans can catch Brown on a much more fitting bill next month when he rolls through the west coast with his Fool’s Gold boss A-Trak on the “Double Trouble” tour:

'Double Trouble' tour