Rejoicer Makes Us a Mix of New Music From His Raw Tapes Crew



One thing was certain as soon as we heard Rejoicer’s Stones Throw debut (Energy Dreams): We needed to tap the Tel Aviv native for a Needle Exchange mix, one as dank and dusty as his own signature blend of hip-hop, jazz and funk. Yuvi Havkin answered the call with 30 minutes of mostly new music from his Raw Tapes imprint and boundless jazz series Time Grove Selections. Not to mention a couple essential cuts from London’s Wah Wah 45 label.

Have a listen below, right alongside some official videos, try-before-you-buy streams, the dates and details for Rejoicer’s Asia tour and the lead single from Havkin’s next solo project, which is set to hit shops through Stones Throw this spring….

Time Grove – Piano Bubbles (Wah Wah 45)
Sefi Zisling – Archie Surprise (Time Grove Selections / Raw Tapes)
Abro feat. Karolina – Angels (Time Grove Selections / Raw Tapes)
Rejoicer – Cosmic Sleep (Unreleased)
iogi – We Used To Feel Alright (Raw Tapes)
Liquid Saloon – Polaroid Banana (Raw Tapes)
Time Grove – Roy The King (Wah Wah 45)
Buttering Trio – God is Sitting (Raw Tapes)
Abro – I Wont Live Alone (Time Grove Selections / Raw Tapes)


Rejoicer tour dates:
2/8 Seoul, South Korea – Cake Shop
2/10 Kobe, Japan – Troop Cafe
2/11 Osaka, Japan – Inc & Sons
2/12-13 Tokyo, Japan – Ebisu Batica