Ricardo Villalobos Cancels Rare U.S. Appearance After Visa SNAFU

Ricardo Villalobos, the Chilean techno icon who swore he wouldn’t play the U.S. until Bush was out of office has been forced to cancel his first Detroit appearance since 2002. Quoth a press release from Paxahau, the promoters of the DEMF Movement Festival:

“Goetz Guse of Cocoon Agency out of Frankfurt, Germany informed festival organizers today that Villalobos will not be able to perform at Movement. Guse said, ‘Ricardo did not receive his Working VISA back in time due to US immigration Authorities at abroad consulates. Even with precocious legal support from the US as well as from Germany he still wasn’t able to obtain the Working VISA due to unexpected bureaucratic obstacles.’

Movement organizers expressed disappointment about the news regarding Villalobos, but are optimistic festival-goers will enjoy a Richie Hawtin performance as the replacement.”

A Richie Hawtin set at a Detroit dance party, eh? Sounds like a once-in-a-lifetime experience courtesy of Homeland Security. [The Daily Swarm]