Shackleton Readies New ‘Freezing Opening Thawing’ Record

After taking a well-deserved break in 2013—we’re still trying to wrap our heads around the previous year’s Music For the Quiet Hour record and its complementary The Drawbar Organ EPs—Shackleton has suddenly emerged from hiding with a new 12”. Due out January 20th through his own Woe to the Septic Heart imprint, Freezing Opening Thawing finds the producer scrapping his sample banks and embracing modular synthesis in a way that’s as colorful as Zeke Clough’s psychedelic sleeve.

Sample all three songs below, and check out a lengthy interview from a couple years back here

Shackleton - 'Freezing Opening Thawing'
Shackleton, Freezing Opening Thawing (Woe to the Septic Heart, January 20th):
1. Freezing Opening Thawing
2. White Flower with Silvery Eye
3. Silver Keys