Skream, Benga and Artwork Set a Date For Magnetic Man Debut

Well, it’s official: a couple of dubstep’s leading wobble heads have been drafted to the big leagues, as Skream, Benga, and some dude named Artwork get ready to drop their major label debut as Magnetic Man. Due out 10/4 through Columbia, the trio’s self-titled album features 14 new tracks, from the rather poppy “I Need Air” to standard dubstep fare like “MAD.”

We haven’t heard the whole thing yet, but the two tracks below are promising at least. Let’s just hope that this project and Skream’s Outside the Box LP don’t lead to the same level of absolute crap as the rise of Justice and the entire Ed Banger clan did to electro a couple years back.

For now, check out the tracklisting, cover art and some videos after the jump. [FACT]

Magnetic Man:
1. Sun
2. Fire
3. I Need Air
4. Anthem
5. Bug, The
6. Ping Pong
7. Perfect Stranger
8. Mad
9. Boiling Water
10. K Dance
11. Crossover
13. Karma Crazy
14. Going Nowhere