Sofia Coppola Taps Oneohtrix Point Never For ‘Bling Ring’ Score

'The Bling Ring' soundtrack

'The Bling Ring' soundtrack The last time we reached out to Oneohtrix Point Never about doing a potential piece for our magazine, he said he was feeling “brain fried” and essentially needed a break from all the noise that’s gone along with the producer’s rising profile. Now we know why–aside from opening for Sigur Rós and reissuing all his early records through Mexican Summer, Daniel Lopatin has also been busy developing the score for Sofia Coppola’s next film, The Bling Ring. As reported on Pitchfork, the based-on-a-true-story tale of bratty rich kids ripping off bratty rich celebrities (Paris Hilton mostly) features Lopatin working alongside Coppola’s longtime music supervisor Brian Reitzell. And to match the heightened tension of a movie that’s gotta be much more exciting than Coppola’s last, Reitzell managed to wrangle songs from Can, Kanye West, Sleigh Bells, Klaus Schulze, Azealia Banks and more for the soundtrack. Take that, Spring Breakers!

Check out a complete tracklisting below, along with the Bling Ring trailer… 

Various Artists, The Bling Ring Original Soundtrack:
1. Sleigh Bells: ” Crown On The Ground”
2. Rick Ross [ft. Lil Wayne]: “9 Piece”
3. Rye Rye [ft. M.I.A.]: “Sunshine”
4. Azealia Banks: “212”
5. Oneohtrix Point Never: “Ouroboros”
6. 2 Chainz: “Money Machine”
7. M.I.A.: “Bad Girls”
8. Kanye West: “All of the Lights”
9. Ester Dean [ft. Chris Brown]: “Drop It Low”
10. Reema Major: “Gucci Bag”
11. Can: “Halleluwah”
12. Kanye West: “Power”
13. Klaus Schulze: “Freeze”
14. deadmau5: “FML”
15. Brian Reitzell and Daniel Lopatin: “Bling Ring Suite”
16. Phoenix: “Bankrupt!”
17. Frank Ocean [ft. Earl Sweatshirt]: “Super Rich Kids”