Stream Two New Solar Bears Singles and a Mixtape Featuring Hudson Mohawke, Hype Williams and More

Solar Bears

Lots of news on the Solar Bears front today, starting with the dates and details surrounding the duo’s third album, Advancement. Due out March 18th—the same day as a separate EP that features a Pye Corner Audio remix—through Sunday Best, the record was developed in several different locations over the course of a year. According to a press release, “The pieces were brought back together for the band to merge into a whole. Samples of indigenous instruments are heavily processed, mirroring the widespread decay of the natural world, its movement inspired by the natural cycle of destruction and restoration.”

Which is another way of saying there’s volcanoes and various forms of wildlife sprinkled throughout the record. Or as John Kowalski put it in a Quietus interview, “The type of samples are quite different than in the past. We used seal sonar, recordings of icebergs underwater or Siberian throat singing—anything you wouldn’t expect on an electronic album. It’s less based on hooks this time and more about settings.”

Not to mention loosely related visual elements from artist Michael Robinson, as evidenced by an official “Wild Flowers” video that’s “the culmination of months of shooting footage on both 16mm and 8mm film in the Mid-Atlantic region of America.” Have a look here, right alongside a new Lights + Music mix that hints at the album’s other influences and the previously released “Man Plus” single…

'Advancement' album cover

Solar Bears
(Sunday Best, March 18th)

1. Everything Set Right
2. Man Plus
3. Age : Atomic
4. Vanishing Downstream
5. Scale
6. Persona
7. Wild Flowers
8. Gravity Calling
9. Everything Set Ablaze
10. Longer Life
11. Separate From The Arc

"Wildflower" EP

Solar Bears
Wild Flowers EP
(Sunday Best, March 18th)

1. Wild Flowers
2. Gravity Calling
3. Wild Flowers (Pye Corner Audio Remix)

Dave Sarky – Canadian Colours Theme 4
Aleph – Love Memories
Luis De Pablo – El Espiritu De Colmena
Hudson Mohawke – Kettles
Polish Radio Orchestra – Why Do You Say Goodbye
Eugen Thomass – Regenbogen (Rainbow)
Piero Piccioni – Magic Carillon
Ravi Shankar – Prahjubee
Munju – Moon You II
Hype Williams – Break4love
Francois De Roubauix – Chamonix (Reversed)
Marie Laforet – Pour Celui Qui Viendra
Beaver and Krause – Sanctuary
Mahavishnu Orchestra – Hope