S/T SURVIVED … An Entire Fiery Furnaces Set, Their ‘In the Round’ Performance At Le Poisson Rouge To Be Exact

[Photos/Text by Andrew Parks]

You know, we’ve always loved the idea–a brother/sister combo with an incredible amount of creativity and a consistent fuck-all philosophy–of the Fiery Furnaces. The music? In most cases, not so much.

So what was it about last night that made us suddenly care about their songs as opposed to simply their ideas? Well for starters, the group’s in-the-round set mostly stuck to selections from next month’s I’m Going Away LP, which is easily the most accessible Friedberger album in years; maybe even the best since Gallowsbird’s Bark. Speaking of the Furnaces’s first full-length, they plucked two tracks from it on Thursday night–”Leaky Tunney” and “Worry Worry.” Other catalogue-skimming cuts made an appearance, including two surprises from the duo’s 2005 EP (“Here Comes the Summer” and an ‘amen sister!’ rendition of “Single Again”), but most of the evening came off like inflamed takes on classic rock. The only thing missing? A Hendrix cover. Bonus points for the hammerhead drumming of Bob D’Amico, too.

Here’s what you Fiery fanatics missed…

Fiery Furnaces @ Le Poisson Rouge, 6.11.09:
Here Comes the Summer
Leaky Tunnel
Chris Michaels
I’m Going Away
End Is Near
Charmaine Champagne
Cut the Cake
Staring at the Steeple
Even in the Rain
Keep Me in Dark
Lost At Sea
Cups and Punches
Take Me Round Again
Drive To Dallas
Duplexes of the Dead
Automatic Husband
Worry Worry

Single Again