Stream Age Coin’s New Posh Isolation LP, Performance

Age Coin

Lower is dead; long live Lower in fresh and familiar pursuits like Age Coin. Featuring Kristian Emdal and Simon Formann at the controls, Performance (available today on Posh Isolation) is a welcome turn towards making plush techno productions that are both abstract and deeply personal.

“Trespassing on intimate territory,” explains Emdal, “cuts a transparent path for everyone to come walking. The album is ultimately a joint effort to process past as well as present experiences within father son relations. In order to make things tangible, scenes are drawn from memory and merged in a shared fictional collage…. “Take in the view or let yourself be part of the language. Let the engine run and dip in to the swampy collective intelligence. Performance is a hybrid memorial for all domestic actions committed in the name of love.”

Have an exclusive listen below, and check out our lengthy feature on the Danish underground from whence Age Coin came here.