Puce Mary Announces New Posh Isolation Album, The Spiral

Puce Mary live


Puce Mary has revealed her latest record for Posh Isolation, a solo LP that “binds the listener in a tight web of sharp synthesizers, hammering percussion, obscured vocals, field recordings, and blistering noise.” Due out March 25th, The Spiral is prefaced by the tortured industrial track below, “Night is a Trap II.” Feel the pain of everyone here, then check out the noise artist’s favorite cult Japanese films in the s/t archive


Puce Mary
The Spiral
(Posh Isolation, March 25th)

1. The Spiral
2. Night is a Trap II
3. The Temptation to Exist
4. Enter Into Them
5. Masks Are Aids
6. The Actor
7. No Memory
8. Slow Agony of a Dying Orgasm