Stream Light in the Attic’s Second ‘Wheedle’s Groove’ Compilation

Steppen Stonz

It’s still a month away—well, May 20th digitally and June 3rd for the double LP folks—but the second volume of Light in the Attic’s Wheedle’s Groove compilation is now streaming via the label’s Soundcloud. Available below alongside a handful of rare photos, it captures the 15 years where funk and disco gave way to future-shocked strains of electro, boogie and soul. And since this particular LP revolves around the Seattle scene, we’re also treated to former baseball star Lenny Randle singing a tribute to the Kingdome. Quite ironic considering how short-lived his Mariners career was—in 1983, Randle became the first Major League expat to play in Italy—but that’s kinda the point.

As is often the case with these comps, half of the fun is in discovering just how deep and disorienting the country’s dustiest crates run…

UPDATE: Light in the Attic has taken the stream down. It was apparently posted early by accident. We’ll put it back up here as soon as it’s live again.

'Wheedle's Groove Volume II'

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