SUPPORT THIS: And This Week’s Must-See Opening Act Is…Krallice

Nick McMaster will destroy you at "(Bass) Guitar Hero" any day.

[Text/Photos by Andrew Parks]

While we certainly expected a LOUD supporting slot set from Krallice on Tuesday night, self-titled didn’t think the Dysrhythmia/Byla/Gorguts/Behold… The Arctopus/Mick Barr-related project would blow our eardrums out by their second song. Sticking to a largely-instrumental downward spiral of unfiltered shredding (guitar pedals? who needs ’em!) and dueling from-the-depths-of-hell vocals (Barr and bassist Nick McCaster, a leaning tower of pure fret-climbing power), the quartet blew away any naysayers and even nailed “Forgiveness In Rot,” the ravenous 15-minute closer of Krallice’s self-titled debut.

No wonder why these frenzied fools made our best-of list last year. And with a new Dysrhythmia disc on the way soon, we’ll likely be praising at least one of Krallice’s members later this summer. Now for some photos and a free MP3…


“Wretched Wisdom”