SUPPORT THIS: Liturgy Set (Le) Poisson Rouge Ablaze With Brooklyn-Bred Black Metal

The Artist: Yet another indication that the Big Apple finally has a burgeoning ‘metal scene’.

Their Latest Release: Renihilation (20 Buck Spin)

Who They Opened For: Rwake and Shrinebuiler @ (Le) Poisson Rouge, 11.15.09

Why They Should Be Headlining Art-Damaged Metal Shows: While it’d be easy to draw a direct connection between Liturgy and their borough mates Krallice, Brooklyn’s two dark horses apply completely different approaches to black metal. While the former breaks their torrential downpour tracks up with meditative interludes–as if they’re seeking a greater truth right on stage–the latter shreds their way across an endless downward spiral, letting their tracks breathe for 10 minutes at a time.

Consider Liturgy the closest we’ve come to shock therapy, then, as they satisfy our short attention spans with primal screams and windswept riffs. And then there’s the brutish, bare bones time-keeping of Greg Fox, a punishing drummer despite a kit that has nothing but a kick, snare, and crash cymbals. Before witnessing his wild Whack-a-Mole routine we assumed all black-metal drummers were disposable at best. Apparently not.