The Soft Pink Truth Shares Mix of Black-Metal Intros/Outros

The Soft Pink Truth

In case you couldn’t tell by the deep cuts spread across his recent Darkthrone guide, Drew Daniel is deadly serious about his love of black metal. And since he also happens to be one of the most outré producers out there—we’re talking about a guy who’s sampled surgical tools and spleens in Matmos—he was somehow able to translate said fandom to his latest The Soft Pink Truth LP, Why Do the Heathen Rage? The following mix is more direct in its deep knowledge of the KVLT canon, as explored through its intros and outros…

Sodom “Intro (In the Sign of Evil)”
Beherit “Intro (Tireheb)”
Blasphemy “Winds of the Black Gods”
Celtic Frost “Human (Intro)”
Striborg “Intro (Foreboding Silence)”
Beherit “Intro (The Oath of Black Blood)”
Blasphemy “Ross Bay Intro”
Bathory “Storm of Damnation”
Striborg “Intro (Black Desolate Winter)”
Negura Bunget “Ceasuri Rele”
Rotting Christ “Intro-Ach Golgotha”
Striborg “Intro II (Foreboding Silence)”
Striborg “Intro (Embittered Darkness / Isle De Morts)”
Mayhem “Intro (In Memoriam)”
Morbid Angel “Intro (Blessed Are the Sick)”
Sodom “Outro (In the Sign of Evil)”
Sarcofago “Outro (INRI)”
Mortiis “Unreleased Outro”
Striborg “Outro (Foreboding Silence)”
Striborg “Outro (Black Desolate Winter)”
Apathia “Sepulcrum (Outro)”
Mayhem “Outro (The True Legends in Black)”
Bathory “The Winds of Mayhem (Outro)”

The Soft Pink Truth tour dates:
6/27 San Francisco, CA – The Eagle
7/19 Baltimore, MD – Paradox
8/22-24 Darlington, MD – Fields Festival

# with Blaqstarr, Cex

Matmos tour dates:
6/28 San Francisco, CA – San Francisco Art Institute
7/2 Los Angeles, CA – Cinefamily
7/26 Baltimore, MD – Metro Gallery
8/22-24 Darlington, MD – Fields Festival

^ with John Wiese film screening
# with Wye Oak, Wume