TEST PRESSING: Cousin Cole Offers Up An Exclusive MP3 Edit of Silver Apples’ Classic “Oscillations” Single

In a total coincidence a couple days ago, Cousin Cole of Flagrant Fowl sent us an MP3 version of a Silver Apples edit from last year’s stellar Canyon Dancing EP. What’s the song, you ask? Why, it’s the one and only “Oscillations”–the more cowbell version. Since Cole and his DJ/production partner, Pocketknife, are spinning our OSCILLATIONS party tomorrow night at Studio B, we thought this exclusive digital rip would be a theme song of sorts.

Enjoy after the jump, along with a special video and some other Flagrant Fowl-related mixes featuring No Age, Tanlines, Theo Parrish, Tinariwen, School of Seven Bells, Animal Collective and countless other seemingly unmixable artists…


Silver Apples, “Oscillations (Cousin Cole Optimized Edit)”


“Eurotrip” mix by Pocketknife:
1. Soft Rocks – Dlalulac
2. Animal Collective – My Girls (Skinny Friedman Edit)
3. Tanlines – Bejan
4. Bostro Pesopeo – Communquis & Reprise
5. Kasper Bjorke – Doesn’t Matter (The Juan Maclean Remix)
6. Chicken Lips – Many Members
7. Osborne – Afrika
8. Tussle – Pow!
9. Mi Ami – Version (Pocketknife Edit)
10. Radioslave – Koma Koma (Original Mix)
11. Radioclit – Secousse (Round Table Knights Remix)
12. Duke Dumont – Hoy
13. Tinariwen – Ikyadarh Dim (Pocketknife Remix)

Two-Part  Beats in Space Mix …


Pt. 1: Solo Mixes From Pocketknife and Cousin Cole (1-12: Pocketknife; 13-17: Cousin Cole)
1. Greg Kihn Band – Jeopardy
2. School of Seven Bells – Iamundernodisguise (Pocketknife Edit)
3. Songs of Green Pheasant – Fires P.G.R. (Pocketknife Remix)
4. Victor Gama – O Dialogo Dos Pernetas (Pocketknife Edit)
5. Wooden Wand and the Vanishing Voice – I Am the One and He Is the Caretaker of My Heart (Pocketknife Remix)
6. Motor City Drum Ensemble – Escape To Nowhere
7. Theo Parrish – Dance of Drunken Drums
8. Boonlorm – Preparation IV Demo Version
9. Disco Dub Band – For the Love of Money (The Underdog Remix)
10. John Daly – Solar Lights
11. Benoit Pioulard – Ragged Tint (Pocketknife Edit)
12. Gameplayers – Beirut Disco
13. Flo Crew – Over These Years
14. N-2-U “A-I I-A” House Jam
15. Vallerenga Blues And Disko Combo – Ballerina
16. Laughing Light Of Plenty – The Rose
17. Lindsay Buckingham – It Was You (Cousin Cole Demo)


Pt 2 with: Cousin Cole + Tim Sweeney
18. ESP – It’s You
19. Flo Crew – And Our Love (Boogie Disco Mix)
20. FSK & Shake Shakir – Swing To Bop
21. Auguste Darnell – Friendly Children (Todd Terje Edit)
22. Oorutaichi – Misen Gymnastics (Idjut Mix)
23. Problem Child – White Horse (Dr. Scratch Stomp Mix)
24. Curtis McClaine – Let’s Get Busy (Dub Mix)
25. Bobby Peru – Erotic Discourse
26. King Jammy meets Dry & Heavy – In The Jaws of The Tiger
27. Altz – Yellow (Idjut Dub Down)
28. T-N-T – Is It House (Hurt me Mix)
29. Dezuan – Party House (Underground Clap Mix)
30. No Age – Everybody’s Down (Cousin Cole Mix)

Tim Sweeney takes over:
31. Tantra – Hills Of katmandu
32. Giorgio Moroder – From Here To Eternity
33. Gino Soccio – Street Talk
34. Mirrors Of My Mind
35. House Of House – Rushing To Paradise
36. Sound Stream – Dance With Me