TEST PRESSING: Download a ‘Mezzanine’-Era Bootleg From Massive Attack and a Classic BBC Essential Mix From Portishead

Massive Attack live
Massive Attack live

As psyched as we are about Massive Attack‘s new album, an advance stream of the thing is currently sitting unscathed in self-titled‘s inbox. That’s because we’re terrified it won’t even scrape the career-revitalizing peaks of Portishead‘s own long-awaited return LP, Third.

Whatever the case may be, 1998 was Massive Attack at the peak of their powers–releasing one of our favorite records of all time, Mezzanine. The following soundboard-quality bootleg comes from that time period and features incredible live versions of such catalog-clinching songs as “Angel,” “Karmacoma” and “Teardrop.” Head back in trip-hop time with us, won’t you? And as a bonus, we’ve included a shareable song and a lengthy BBC Essential mix from Bristol’s other favorite sons and daughter, Portishead.

Massive Attack, Live @ Royal Albert Hall, 7.6.98 (right click to download):
1. Angel
2. Risingson
3. Man Next Door
4. Daydreaming
5. Teardrop
6. Karmacoma
7. Hymn of the Big Wheel
8. Eurochild
9. Spying Glass
10. Mezzanine
11. Safe From Harm
12. Heat Miser
13. Inertia Creeps
14. Unfinished Sympathy
15. Group Four