TEST PRESSING: Download ‘Colouring of Pigeons’, a New Track From The Knife’s Darwin Opera With Mt. Sims and Planningtorock

Remember Mt. Sims, the electro-clash survivor/International DeeJay Gigolos alum responsible for the rather ridiculous UltraSex LP? If you do, then you’re probably as surprised as we are to hear about the guy’s involvement in the Knife‘s Tomorrow, In a Year opera. That’d be the Hotel Pro Forma commission based on Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of the Species book, as premiered in Copenhagen last September and featured on a double LP that’s due out on March 9 (February 2 digitally) through Mute.

“At first it was very difficult as we really didn’t know anything about opera,” Olof Dreijer said in a press release about the project’s creative process. “We’d never been to one. I didn’t even know what the word libretto meant. But after some studying, and just getting used to opera’s essence of pretentious and dramatic gestures, I found that there is a lot to learn and play with.

He continued, “It took me about a year to become emotionally moved by an opera singer and now I really do. I really like the basic theatrical values of opera and the easy way it brings forward a narrative. We’ve approached this before in The Knife but never in such a clear way.”

Speaking of feeling moved, the 11-minute “Colouring of Pigeons” cut after the jump is pretty spectacular; almost as spectacular as Sim’s “How We Do” video.

Disc One:
1. Intro
2. Epochs
3. Geology
4. Upheaved
5. Minerals
6. Ebb Tide Explorer
7. Variation of Birds
8. Letter to Henslow
9. Schoal Swarm Orchestra

Disc Two:
1. Annie’s Box
2. Tumult
3. Colouring of Pigeons
4. Seeds
5. Tomorrow in a Year
6. The Height of Summer
Bonus track
7. Annie’s Box (alt. vocal)