Mt. Si

Mt Si


When photographer David Kitz shared a mountain range shot for Mt. Si’s debut EP (Limits, available now via Cascine), singer Sarah Chernoff (also of Superhumanoids) took the Tel Aviv image one step further by searching for it in person alongside director Garret Curtis.

“Never having been there,” explains Chernoff, “Garret and I were able to find it on our first attempt with the help of a new friend we made named Gershon. It was a pretty insane experience to travel all that way and have the plan work out as well as it did.”

“Israel was the perfect landscape to frame the feeling I felt from this song,” adds Curtis. “It draws on very simple and natural beauty to focus the song’s emotional pull.”

Have a look in the video player above and check out the rest of the LA trio’s (rounded out by Kisses’ Jesse Kivel and Classixx’s Michael David) debut below…