TEST PRESSING: Zomby Shares ‘It Was All a Dream’, His Most Promising Soundcloud Song Yet

If you follow the free associative ramblings on Zomby‘s Twitter account, then you were probably as psyched as the s/t office was when we woke up to a promising new track this morning. Unlike the diamond-edge jungle beats of “She Loves Me”/”She Loves Me Not”–two simple but satisfying song fragments that were uploaded a couple weeks ago–”It Was All a Dream” sounds like a fully-formed duet between an Amazonian drum circle and a couple laser canons. Whether this is part of a double pack follow-up to last year’s One Foot Ahead Of the Other EP or simply another piece in Zomby’s ongoing ZvA collaboration with Actress remains to be seen.

Either way, the Werk Discs founder has a fresh full-length on tap for Damon Albarns’ Honest Jons imprint in June. Splazsh features 15 future-forward cuts, not including the “Paint, Straw and Bubbles” single we’re legally downloading off Bleep right…about…now.

Check out streams of “It Was All a Dream,”  an aptly-titled ambient ZvA collab (“Diamond Glint”) and more Zomby demos after the jump, as well as an official ZvA MP3…