THIS WEEK IN TWITTER: Baroness and Converge Wrap New Records, Amazing Baby Ponder the Meaning of Dickchicken and Much, Much More

[Amazing Baby photo by Aaron Richter]

There’s quite a bit to sift through this week, so let’s get right to it, shall we?

Grizzly Bear’s drummer told @edwarddroste to back off:

Vivian Girls gave props to our friends south of the border:

Baroness finished their new full-length.

As did Converge:

Alec Empire planted the seeds for another potential El-P collaboration:

Fresh off his new full-length, Cage dissed Public Enemies:

Amazing Baby posed the question we’ve been wondering for a while now (“Dickchicken” is an inexplicable graf tag in our Brooklyn neighborhood):

Take that, Spank Rock:

Raekwon the Chef worked on a Dilla video and professed his love for Fruit Loops:

Modeselektor threw down with our favorite dubstep producer:

Jay Reatard‘s new record leaked, then he made us feel pretty damn good about putting him on our cover: