Thrill Jockey Tap Dark Matter For ‘Doom Chuggy’ Mixtape, Limited Coffee Blend


In the tradition of their limited collaborations with Mastodon and the author of the first definitive Gil Scott-Heron biography, Chicago coffee roaster Dark Matter has announced a special partnership with Thrill Jockey. Available for pre-order here, Doom Chuggy is described as a “dark offering for the valiant warriors who fight against the plague of mundane existence on cold winter days. A roasted, molasses body and chewy dark chocolate finish make this chuggable untraditional blend scream in the face of death.”

To hammer that heavier-than-thou theme home, the label has curated a mixtape (available as either a CD or cassette) featuring such psych/metal/experimental favorites as White Hills, Liturgy, The Soft Pink Truth, The Body and Barn Owl. And to tie everything together, local artist Sam Nigrosh worked on all the packaging.

Check out a complete breakdown below, along with The Soft Pink Truth’s contribution…

Doom Chuggy:
Trans Am – Backlash
Liturgy – Ecstatic Rite
The Soft Pink Truth – Black Metal
Oozing Wound – Hippie Speedball
Music Blues – Tremendous Misery Sets In
Barn Owl – Night’s Shroud
The Skull Defekts – The Fable
Sandworm – Golden Path
Pontiak – Shell Skull
Oozing Wound – Call Your Guy
White Hills – Glitter Glamour Atrocity
Eternal Tapestry – Apocalypse Troll
Golden Void – Virtue
The Body – An Altar or a Grave
Wrekmeister Harmonies – You’ve Always Meant So Much To Me (edit)