Twitter Updates for 2008-08-12

BOB DYLAN: Take that, you freeloading self-titled editors!

  • Plan 4 Tuesday: get off work, head to Park Slope, stand outside the Prospect Park bandshell and listen to muffled Dylan. Oh yes! #
  • so sleepy #
  • New Jay-Z song: Not so good. #
  • Wow, Parts & Labor have switched up their sound for the better. Watch out for their new one soon: #
  • The Wire Season 5 DVDs in our greezy little palms. Oh yes! #
  • Uploading the new remastered U2 boxed set. Hard to believe that Boy came out 30 years ago! #
  • Bit of a (semi-)guilty pleasure day in the office: Kings of Leon and The Killers’ Sam’s Town. #
  • @ prospect park, waiting for bob dylan to show his pretty face #
  • Time to hobo the shit out of this show…where’s a good rock to sit on? #
  • Alright. Found a comfy rock #
  • Suckers who paid… My rock rocks, suckers! #
  • This line is silly long, just stupid long #
  • Showtime’s at 8 #