Twittering For TV on the Radio

So Wired‘s excellent Julia Allison cover story got the self-titled office thinking the other day … If a minor Internet celebrity can keep the public enthralled through ridiculously personal Twitter posts, why can’t we mainline live rumors and reviews to our readers?

Presenting s/t‘s Twitter stream–the place to go when you’re wondering what’s going on right now, from whether or not the rest of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs showed up to Karen O’s solo show to tonight’s token example of what we hope to do with this little program in the coming months: live reporting from TV on the Radio‘s private listening party for Dear Science. “Follow us” (yeah, we think it’s a little weird too) for updates on your cell phone or keep your eyes on the “s/t stalker” widget at the top of the middle column for refreshed Twitter posts every 15 minutes.

Ah, the Internet: Creepy Since 2008.