Hydra Head Preps Deluxe Melvins Box Set/Comic Book/4 x LP

Depending on our mood at the moment, self-titled digs just about everything Hydra Head puts out, from Torche to that really twisted Pyramids disc from earlier this year–the one with remixes from Jesu, Birchville Cat Motel, and James Plotkin.

The label for “thinking man’s metal” may outdo themselves with the following Melvins set, however …

(from http://hydraheadlines.blogspot.com) we’ve been hollerin’ about this melvins “(a) senile animal” project for a while, but it’s really, finally, truly nearing completion. above are some images of the “your disease spread quick” comic, inspired by the music of the melvins, written and drawn by tom neely , published by robotic boot (a subdivision of hydra head industries). the comic is making its debut at tom neely’s table at san diego comic con this weekend, as well as on the merch table on the current melvins/big business tour. in the next 2-3 weeks it will also be available as part of “(a) senile animal” box set, which will also include a 4 x LP vinyl version of the album of the same name and a fancy-schmancy melvins belt buckle … we’ll be doing some sort of party for the release of the box set with our friends in LA at the highly esteemed secret headquarters comic shop. more details on that and the exact release of the box set soon. the 4 x LP, belt buckle, and comic book will be available individually through the HHR webstore (and select retail outlets) for those of you that somehow mistakenly believe you don’t need the super-deluxe-totally-fucking-awesome box set.

That wasn’t meant as an infomercial by the way. We’re simply massive Melvins fans–something you’ll find out in s/t‘s second digital issue, which features a tour/food diary by Buzz Osborne himself–and felt we needed to pass the word on about this release before it’s sold out and going for $100 on eBay.