(Feat. Sam Smith)

Sam Smith in the studio

Disclosure have shared the second single from their upcoming album Caracal, a wobbly pop track that reunites the Lawrence brothers with their close friends and recurring collaborators Sam Smith and Jimmy Napes.

“It was really exciting,” Howard said in a press release. “We had three whole days to hang out with Sam and write, which are two of my favorite things to do.”

“It’s very traditional way of writing songs,” added Guy. “We could do it at home. I’ll sit in the corner making a rough beat and getting all the sounds I think we’re going to use ready. Someone will think about a theme of a subject we want to talk about. It all comes together that way-and if it doesn’t come together quickly, it usually never will.”

Check out the song’s official Ryan Hope video above, and the first chapter of the ongoing Caracal story in the “Holding On” clip below. Look out for the rest of the duo’s LP on September 25th through Capitol Records. We’ve also got a lengthy Sam Smith interview here, and an evergreen Disclosure cover story where we took Disclosure on a tour of Detroit.