Buck 65
(Feat. Adaline)
“Roses in the Rain”

Buck 65 "Roses in the Rain" video

When we uncovered an old cLOUDDEAD interview a few weeks ago, Doseone filed Buck 65 under “all the far-out shit” the trio bonded over in the beginning and pointed out the more than 20 years he’s been making underground hip-hop music. This month’s Neverlove album stands out from that sprawling discography immediately by dropping the MC’s defenses more than he ever has and sharing the deeply sincere details of his recent divorce.

Neverlove is about the heartbreak, confusion, anger and madness I experienced after losing a love I expected to last the rest of my life,” he says. “Making this record is how I got through a terrible time in my life. I hope I never write another one like it.”

The lyric video above is about a brutally honest as it gets, sanding down the rough edges of Buck 65’s signature flow and setting it against the soothing chorus lines of Adaline. Compare and contrast it with the rest of the record’s video below (including the cake-throwing EDM parody “Super Pretty Naughty”) and look out for the entire thing on September 30th through Warner Music…