XXYYXX Shares New Song, Launches Marcel Everett Project For Ambient Productions

After lying rather low for most of this year, XXYYXX is poised to return in the months ahead with a new album under his own name (Marcel Everett) that explores his more experimental work. The side project was first teased on a stopgap EP called Exone; it’s now repped by a dedicated page/demo here. Look for a proper Marcel Everett LP early next year.

As for how the next XXYYXX record plays into all this, we’re told that a disc is still in development for 2014. In the meantime, we’e got “Chaser,” a tribute to a couple close friends that’s quite ambient as well.

“Yesterday was the birthday of two close friends of mine, Chris and Ian,” XXYYXX wrote on Soundcloud. “They are twins who recently moved away. I grew up with these two and they have made me the person I am today, so I’m putting this out now for their birthday since it was made in their backyard and uses multiple recordings of sounds from that backyard. I miss you guys and enjoy the big 20.”