Zola Jesus Readies New ‘Conatus’ Album For October 4th Release

As the summer release schedule slows to a slight crawl, we’re happy to report one of our most anticipated albums of the fall season: Conatus, the album Zola Jesus has been carefully sculpting in L.A. over the past year. According to her co-producer Brian Foote (see also: Nudge), the record was recently wrapped, with drums from Nick Johnson and strings from ambient artists Sean McCann and Ryan York. Other than that, the singer wrote and performed everything herself. Judging by the IDM-infused track Sacred Bones just shared, it sounds like the Wisconsin native has taken yet another creative leap on her path to becoming one of the country’s most promising solo performers.

Have a listen to the splintered synth-pop of “Vessel” and read our Zola Jesus cover story from last year below…

Zola Jesus, Conatus (Sacred Bones, October 4th):
1. Swords
2. Avalanche
3. Vessel
4. Hikikomori
5. Ixode
6. Seekir
7. In Your Nature
8. Lick the Palm of the Burning Handshake
9. Shivers
10. Skin
11. Collapse