Zomby Returns With Raw Vanta EP For Bedouin Records

Zomby | Vanta EP vinyl

Zomby has revealed his first batch of new material in two years: Vanta, a raw and relentless 12” for Bedouin Records that hits shops on May 17th. Named after one of the darkest materials on earth (Vantablack), the dimly lit  EP is described as “a brute soundscape that reaches the profane along with the cryptical…. Zomby is redetermining his access to techno by developing a language that is archaic. A language that is his own.”

Check out the meditative acid melodies and lead-footed bass lines of “Zexor” below, and check out our uncut interview with the reclusive producer from way back when here….

Zomby | Vanta album cover

(Bedouin, May 17th)

A1. Void
A2. Bleed
B1. Emerald
B2. Threshold
B3. Zexor