1MM: Boris @ Webster Hall, 7.10.08

Photos by Andrew Parks

self-titled has seen so many Boris shows (including this special set a few months back) that we seriously considered skipping last night’s Webster Hall gig, easily their biggest New York City show yet. Boy are we glad we didn’t. As you’ll see from the first photo after the jump, people were going crazy–as in a steady stream of stage dives and circle pits crazy. Boris’ performances have always been raucous and in-the-red despite that pesky language barrier issue, yet we’ve never seen people react to Japan’s biggest underground metal band this way. To be honest, they usually inspire little more than reverent head nods and the occasional “hail satan!” horn. Not this time; Thursday’s rather young crowd (up front at least) couldn’t help but completely lose their shit as the trio (and touring guiarist Michio Kurihara of Ghost) tore through such Pink/Smile-era favorites as “Statement,” “My Neighbor Satan,” and a particularly-searing “Pink.” The sight was amusing to say the least.

If you are among the Boris faithful that rushed the stage last night–or wish you’d been there–be sure to check out our in-depth art design story with drummer/backup vocalist Atsuo Mizuno (a.k.a. Fangs Anal Satan, the band’s de facto art director) and hi-res photos here.