1MM: Primal Scream Leave Our Ears Scarred At Amp-Singeing Music Hall of Williamsburg Show

Bobby Gillespie gets higher than the sun.
Bobby Gillespie gets higher than the sun.

[Text/Photos by Andrew Parks; slideshow here]

Considering the band’s name and history of collaborating with Kevin Shields, as well as frontman Bobby Gillespie‘s brief tenure in the Jesus and Mary Chain (he was the drummer on Psychocandy, but still), we probably should have expected to have our ears blown by Primal Scream on Sunday night. Doubly so considering how small the Music Hall of Williamsburg is compared to the cavernous venue they played the previous night, Webster Hall.

But yeah–we didn’t bring earplugs, and we sure as hell wish we had because standing in front of Andrew Innes’ two Marshall amps for 18 straight songs left our heads ringing right on through to this morning. Not even a misty-riffed rendition of “Higher Than the Sun” could save us. As someone put it to us after the show, “These guys really want to be the Rolling Stones.” (Drug-gobbling rep and all, apparently.)

Shall we survey the damage?

Andrew Innes and Stone Roses former bassist, Mani
Andrew Innes (sporting a shirt Jimmy Buffett wouldn't wear) and Stone Roses' former bassist, "Mani"

Drummer Darrin Mooney